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The international environmental project "Solar Reflector Water Distillation (SRWD) in the Sonora Desert (Mexico)" has come to a hold by recent bureaucratic regulations in the USA and because of personnel problems. Instead of that consulting for some local environmental projects and presentation of several  invited seminars on environmental problems.



Solar Reflector Water Destillation (SRWD) in the Sonora Desert for the Tohono O’odham and other indigenous people.

A pilot project proposal 

G. K. Hartmann, H-G. Flepp, K. C. Hsieh et al*

March 2004  


To provide technical and material assistance to the Sonoran O’odham and other indigenous people and to the Buquivaba Clinic in Magdalena de Kino, Mexico; and in return, receive knowledge of healing methods of the indigenous people of Mexico. The exchange is based on barter.

Remark: After two visits in Tucson, Arizona (Nov. 2001 and February 2003) and intensive discussions with friends, colleagues, Tohono O’Odham indigenous people of the Sonoran Desert, and after further discussions with the sure-tec.com team members in Europe the pilot project has been drafted and structured in three parts, so that fund-raising and support can be channelled in a less complicated (unbureaucratic) manner:

Part I

Optimisation of the already existing and successfully implemented two prototypes of a Solar Reflector Cooker (SRC) with automatic solar tracking for the use as water destillator and the adaptation to the conditions in the Sonora Desert. Technical lead: Prof. Dr. K.-H. Weiler, University Emden together with University of Arizona (UA) at Tucson and/or or a university in Mexico, further with the Sure-Tec.Com Team (Europe) and “ECCO” at Tucson (William “Sky” Crosby) – negotiations have been started.


During sunshine the small SRC has an output of about 1.3 kW, the big SRC about 3 kW.

Part II

Assembling a small and/or a big SRC at the ranch of Wenceslao Monroy at Magdalena de Kino in Mexico - provided that the technical conditions are sufficient - to be used in Obregon and/or at the Buquivaba Clinic. Technical lead: Prof. Dr. K.-H. Weiler and relevant engineer(s). Further co-operating partners: The Sonora Traditional Indian Council (Magdalena de Kino), the O’odham Communities Human Rights Foundation (Tucson) – both tax exempt institutions and represented by their project co-ordinator, Ron Rosenberg (Buquivaba Clinic buquivaba@hotmail.com ), the Sure-Tec.Com Team (Dr. G. K. Hartmann (PI), St. Michael & All Angels Episcopal Church, Tucson, (Prof. Dr. K. C. Hsieh et al.), ECCO (William Crosby), Garth and others – like doctors for Global health. Negotiations for a possible partnership with the Mexican University of Sonora DICTUS have been positively started through Ron Rosenberg with Dr. Rafael E. Cabinillas López.

Part III

Test of a small – 2 to 3 square meter - solar water destillator, a high tech prototype device by BSR Solar Technologies GmbH in Loerrach, Germany, likely accompanied by a low temperature prototype solar stirling water pump. (To be corrected and complemented by BSR in the course of the year 2003)

* See www.sure-tec.com Team


In context with its intercultural co-operation the SURE-TEC.COM team has proposed in March 2003 the pilot project SRWD. It originated from the hitherto not realised pilotproject proposals ECOVILLA (Mendoza, Argentina, 1988), DERMEOTOX (Russia, 1999) and CSE ** (South Africa, 2002). Furthermore the relevant experience of larger  - as well as those from Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) and from Carebridge played an important role, finally also the findings of Maude Barlow and Tony Clarke in their book "Blue Gold" (2002). See also chronicle.pdf and 33months.pdf

**The CSE triad for reducing vital problems in South Africa;  CSE: Caring-circle; Sure-tec; Eco-bridge